My Mother - my biggest critic, my greatest fan

Growing up my mum and I were not the best of pals. She was the authority. I was the rebel. She was the teacher. I was the student. Her expectations I would question. Her reasoning, I called unrealistic. Yet I loved her dearly and she was the one to ...



My Weight Loss Journey

So it all began exactly 20 years back. I was a skinny girl weighing only 49 kg. As expected my fiancé was fascinated with my figure (especially my abdomen). Fast forward to 2006, I had my first baby. As I’m half Indian and my husband was Indian, they...


Polly's Morning Musings

Getting your child to listen to you and other fantasy stories

So, I look at my wonderful, beautiful, calm, sweet sleeping child across the room. She turns over in her sleep and finds Lippy, her favourite soft toy rabbit next to her and snuggles close. I sigh a deep sigh of contentment. This is motherhood I thin...


Home Gardener

Gardening for Beginners

With the onset of the covid 19 pandemic, many people around Sri Lanka resorted to home gardening. Th...


Home Gardener

Eric's top 8 tips for healthy potted plants

While it's lovely to be blessed with a large garden, these days with urban living in small houses an...


Polly's Morning Musings

Valentine's Day - Share the Love

So, I wake up this morning to a power cut. Everything is eerily quiet and I hear Molly’s deep breath...



Facts about Vaccines

Current data reveals that multitudes of people with access to the internet rely on virtual media as ...