Gen Z

You’ve put your foot down and decided, you are done for the day! Everyone agrees to go out for dinner. While you and your spouse try to decide on what sort of cuisine you should try, your teenager is full of opinions on where you should head to, whil...



Vision and our Kids

What is vision? Vision is the general word used to describe the coordination of the eye and brain in ensuring that a person sees clearly. The word ‘vision’ has multiple meanings, yet the most basic description is the need to focus the eyes on an ima...



The Lion King

And so yet again Disney launches another live-action remake from their 'Renaissance Period' of the 90s. This time around viewers are treated to an adaption of the cultural icon that is 'The Lion King'. However, given the high standards that the origi...



Spider-Man: Far From Home

Following the release of 'Avengers: Endgame', it's easy to see how it may be hard for future entries...


Home Gardener

The Bitter Truth About Bitter Gourd

As the month of June draws to an end, we prepare ourselves to welcome July! With high hopes that thi...


Cow & Gate

If you have a child at home do not forget these things

As parents, the main thing we give to the child is our love. But for them grow physically and mental...


Cow & Gate

Is it a difficult task to make kids sleep separate from parents?

Little kids are of course always looking forward to getting attention and affection from us, especia...