Polly's Morning Musings

Valentine's Day - Share the Love

So, I wake up this morning to a power cut. Everything is eerily quiet and I hear Molly’s deep breaths coming from the other side of the room. She looks so adorable when she’s sleeping albeit she’s sleeping upside down on her bed again! Part of me wan...



Facts about Vaccines

Current data reveals that multitudes of people with access to the internet rely on virtual media as a go-to when they experience any health issues. If anyone out there was to search information online on vaccines they are bound to stumble across page...


Polly's Morning Musings

Five musings to start off 2021

As I sit here with my cup of coffee and Molly watching some riveting cartoon giving me some "me time” I ask myself - do I really want 2021 to start? Or maybe the better question is - how do I prepare myself for this new year like no other with all it...


Polly's Morning Musings

8 Learnings from 2020

So today I woke up early and peeped over at Molly’s bed in the corner of our room. I am pretty sure ...


Polly's Morning Musings

Polly’s Morning Musings

I tiptoed out of the room, down the corridor to the kitchen, put the kettle on and sat down at the k...



Feisty Forty - Part 2

I like this quote by Carl G.Jung “ Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just...



Mother of Mine

When I was a little girl I wanted to be just like my mother. She was beautiful and wise, gentle and ...