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Plant Guilds

When I used to hear the word ‘guild’, my mind used to immediately go to the world of glitz and glamour at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the USA! But when I came across the word in my Permaculture training, it was not about red carpets and fancy b...



Seven Shades of Single - The "D" Word

D-I-V-O-R-C-E! There, I said it! The tainted “D” word - divorce, the death of my marriage, the cause of the diabolical situation that I get myself into, unwiingly because everyone thinks it is ok to be insensitive because I am Single. So the "singl...


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The NPK of Gardening

What is the “NPK” of gardening? It is the three macro nutrients, that any plant needs, to grow healthily. These three nutrients that is nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the main sources of nutrients that a plant can thrive on. Other nutrients ...



My Mother - my biggest critic, my greatest fan

Growing up my mum and I were not the best of pals. She was the authority. I was the rebel. She was t...



My Weight Loss Journey

So it all began exactly 20 years back. I was a skinny girl weighing only 49 kg. As expected my fianc...


Polly's Morning Musings

Getting your child to listen to you and other fantasy stories

So, I look at my wonderful, beautiful, calm, sweet sleeping child across the room. She turns over in...


Home Gardener

Gardening for Beginners

With the onset of the covid 19 pandemic, many people around Sri Lanka resorted to home gardening. Th...