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Is it a difficult task to make kids sleep separate from parents?

Little kids are of course always looking forward to getting attention and affection from us, especially from parents. Although we love to keep and embrace our children when we go to sleep, it is a vital fact that we should let them sleep separately a...


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This is how you teach your child to use the toilet

We tend to do each and every need of our children because we love them. And we do them with all our heart. Although we do them because love them, we have to let them do certain things on their own, because they have to learn. Since we do every need o...




With recent years of cinema, it seems that we as an audience are receiving more and more like action remakes, especially from Disney. Between 'Beauty and The Beast' and the upcoming 'Lion King', 2019's 'Aladdin' sits firmly between them and quite fra...



Secret Life of Pets 2

A sequel to a largely forgotten animated feature, 'Secret Life of Pets 2' manages to elevate itself ...


Home Gardener

Pomegranate - Fruit of the Month!

Hello, and welcome back to our late May edition of ‘Home Gardner’. It has been a while since our las...


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Solutions for your child's dental problems

When you have a little kid at home, you'll have endless concerns as parents. While enjoying your mom...



The Beauty of the Rainbow

Every time I see a rainbow the inner child in me jumps in joy and sheer fascination. Maybe I am stra...


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