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Dietitian Bites - How to avoid Liver Loaders in the New Year

Sunday, 24 December 2017 15:49
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For a lot of people, Christmas and the New Year holidays are a time when consumption of alcohol and refined sugars, in particular, can creep up. While it's important to enjoy yourself over the holiday period, you still need to be aware and mindful of your consumption of 'liver loaders'.

What are liver loaders? Liver loaders include any substance that can influence the liver detoxification process such as alcohol, caffeine, trans fats (damaged fats usually found in store bought cakes and biscuits, muesli bars and deep-fried food) and refined sugars.

Why is this important? The liver plays a major role in detoxification, in which the body takes sub¬stances that if they were to accumulate would harm you, and changes them into substances that are less harmful so that you can excrete them.
Therefore, any effort to improve your health, should begin with minimizing (or, in some cases, eliminating) some of these "liver loaders", as this allows the body to pull stored toxins out of storage to be processed and excreted. This is of critical importance to getting amaz¬ing skin.

When preparing food or deciding on your party platter, choose homemade cakes, cookies or pies in preference to store bought or processed food. And as the festive season can last much longer than a couple of days, ensure that you support your liver by trying to include plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits and whole grains especially when eating at home.

To find out how you can enjoy the holiday season guilt free, and without packing on the pounds, check out my previous article on eating mindfully.
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