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Sunday, 18 February 2018 08:35
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Black Panther 2018
"Wakanda Forever" truly

At the center of the film ' Black Panther' lies the fictional African nation of Wakanda, a civilization with futuristic technology and wealth beyond that of the outside world. And the film asks the question as to why Wakanda never prevented the suffering of black people all over the world. This core concept brings about questions regarding socio political commentary which is rather relevant in the political landscape of today touching on topics such as the ethics of humanitarian aid as well as, the refugee crisis (briefly). Although touching mature themes, the film is a well rounded and fun movie which the whole family can watch with only a few instances of inappropriate language being used.

The movie serves as the Black Panther's first solo outing after the character’s debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. The film can be summarised as the Black Panther fighting to protect his country from the dangers of the world around him.

The film is led by the character of T'Challa who is played wonderfully by Chadwick Boseman bringing nuance to the character effectively lifting it off the pages of comics. Boseman is assisted by Michael B. Jordan who plays Erik Killmonger- the primary antagonist of the film who asks and answers many of the questions brought to the forefront of this film through themes. Such as the struggle and oppression of black people through a performance which rivals Tom Hiddleston's turn as Loki in the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks. These performances are even more effective when considering the brilliant chemistry between each and every member of the cast which truly brings the characters to life- most notably of this would be the chemistry between Letitia Wright (who plays Shuri, T'Challa's younger sister) and Chadwick Boseman's T’Challa, providing the audience with cleverly written sibling banter which creates some of the film’s best moments. However prolific actress Angela Basset (who plays T'Challa's mother) is criminally under used in this film as she has the acting chops to bring a more emotional complexity to the film in itself. The film also boasts an incredibly diverse cast- which is most definitely a step in the right direction for Hollywood.

It is also important to take notice of the stellar soundtrack provided by rapper Kendrick Lamar, featuring other artists including SZA and the Weeknd. The movie also boasts incredible visual design and aesthetics which are not only pleasing to the eye but also truly make the nation of Wakanda feel alive. But the CGI does look rather plastic and fake in certain scenes but overall it is most definitely a feat of modern cinematic technology.

 This is without a doubt a solid entry in Marvel’s book- a solo film comparable to Iron Man(2008). The film does justice to the 51 year long history of the character and makes itself an exciting addition to the legacy of the Black Panther.  I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on the horizon for Chadwick Boseman’s next outing in the Black Panther suit in Avengers: Infinity War(releasing May 2018).

PS. There are two post credit scenes- so don’t leave the theater just yet J.

Nirek Panditha

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