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A new school year has begun. Do you silently groan, cheer or just hold your breath? Having 3 children I don’t know which I should do. My kids are into the system of balancing school and a full set of extracurricular activities each day and sometimes I just want to invest in a caravan.

However, one resolution (new years are always about the resolutions right) I am determined to keep this year is to enjoy this year.

As a new mother, I was on a race. A race that I know made my oldest daughter grow up all too fast. It was a lot about getting it right and yet wondering am I doing it right?

I constantly looked around and judged if we were on track or not. But now as a more, I hope, mature mother I am determined to keep my focus on my child and not on what everyone else is doing. It’s not about making it to the end rather, it’s about the process of getting there.

Learning from the hare and tortoise story I want to steadily walk this year, be the tortoise and yet make it to the end because after all we are all on our own unique journey right? We don’t run anyone else’s journey it’s our own.

So this year fellow comrade, I encourage you to walk; enjoy your son and the fire truck he insists on pushing whilst going to pick your other child, play dress up with your little daughter or teacher, take every opportunity you can to carry them, hug and cuddle them because all too soon this year will end!

Happy new year and here’s to a great school year!

Taanya Tranchell
Author: Taanya Tranchell
Taanya Tranchell is a proud Sri Lankan, a committed mum and a fledgling entrepreneur. While not a social activist, she does want to do her bit to make the world a better place.
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