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Recently for my child’s birthday, I bought some orbeez. Buying in bulk I thought I should make sure they work and so removed 2 and inserted them into a glass of water.

I went about my day but later that evening when I was looking I realised my daughter’s bag had knocked over the glass with the orbeez. Looking around I found one slightly swelled on the ground. I placed it in another container and was thrilled the next day when I saw it swollen with water many times larger.

Glad it worked I went about life till a few days later I found the missing orbeez back to its original size in the garden. The other one I found in the sink where someone had thrown it.

As I placed them both again in water and watched them swell up over the hours I saw a reflection of my life in these 2 orbeez.

Often I get dejected by the here and now. The things said, the endless to-do lists, the stark feeling of who am I? But then, there are times when hope stirs within me, a friend encourages me, the switch clicks and your child grasps the lesson you were finding so hard to teach!

Our lives matter. On our own, we may feel insignificant and oh so insufficient but we can swell many times over and be all we need to be when we surround ourselves with faith and hope. Hope to keep on trying, faith to continue.

The little orbeez never gave up. Each time it was placed in water it swelled many times over. I too need to make sure that whilst reality can get me down I need to constantly surround myself with faith and hope.

If you doubt just buy a couple of orbeez and let them inspire you!

Taanya Tranchell
Author: Taanya Tranchell
Taanya Tranchell is a proud Sri Lankan, a committed mum and a fledgling entrepreneur. While not a social activist, she does want to do her bit to make the world a better place.
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