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I am so glad that you intend to breastfeed your baby and let me re-assure you that breastfeeding can be difficult for a lot of us, so you will not be alone.
Remember that breastfeeding is a new skill that you and your baby need to learn and learning anything takes a bit of effort and practice.
The most important thing is to get some non-judgemental support. This could be from a Lactation Specialist who will help to establish you on your breastfeeding journey with your baby. They will help you with the latch, advise you on how to hold your baby and maybe teach your partner how to support you, amongst other things. It may be from a friend who has been through it before and can empathise with how tough it is when you are tired and frustrated and your nipples are sore. You may even join a postpartum circle, where the stories of other women could resonate and make you feel strong enough to keep going when it feels hard.
So, the key thing is to make sure you get the right physical and emotional support. This is essential for your mental health.

And if you need some encouragement right now, read on:
It is recommended that we exclusively feed our babies breastmilk for the first 6 months of their lives. Breastmilk contains literally everything our babies need – it quenches their thirst, fills their little tummies, keeps them growing and supplies them with the perfect set of antibodies that they need to survive in their environment. It is the Food of Love and brings you closer to your baby every day and even if you feed for 1 day you have already given your child a wonderful start in life because the antibodies in your colostrum provide natural immunity from infection.

As well as protecting baba from various infections, helping with their transition into the world outside the womb, and countless other scientifically researched benefits, the added bonus of breastfeeding is that it also has advantages for mama! Besides the feeling of connection and empowerment you will feel from feeding your baby, there are also significant health benefits. At the start, breastfeeding helps the womb to contract towards normal size, you will have a reduced risk of ovarian cancer in later life, lower risk of Type II diabetes in the long term and the risk of breast cancer is reduced by an average of eight per cent if you feed up to 2 years.
And if you really can’t breastfeed, expressing and feeding your baby will result in similar benefits, because the goodness of your milk is just undeniable. Either way, your babies will thank you for the rest of their lives.

Serena Burgess
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Serena Burgess is a UK qualified Doula (Red Tent Doulas), Pre-natal Yoga teacher and experienced Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer. She comes from a line of birth workers, healers, nurses and carers, and over the years has become increasingly drawn to this work. She became a Doula because of her own positive birth experience. She knows that it is possible to achieve a birth that you remember as special, with joy or at the very least, with fondness and she passionately wants to support other women in having their best birth experience too, rather than being afraid of it. Being pregnant is a Goddess time in a woman’s life and giving birth is when we become our greatest Warrior-selves, if we are given the time, space and quiet to tap into our primal brain and birth with our instincts. Serena provides her clients the platform to do that, with information to prepare them, support to help them make their choices and by being there to rub their backs! She advocates for their decisions and additionally teaches their partners how to be the best birth support they can be. She creates a safe space for them to labour in and the ultimate endorsement of her work is if a mama says “yes I felt empowered!” regardless of the actual events of her birth. Learn more about Serena's work at
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