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Welcome to the monthly issue of MIC Home Gardener, your guide to growing healthy vegetables at home and learning about their health benefits. In this issue, we are going to talk about one of the basic vegetables found in every kitchen! If you’ve not guessed it yet, we are going to talk about “Onions”.

So let's read about this mysterious vegetable and find out why it is good for our well being.

We use onions in our daily diet and as a main ingredient in our local recipes and just to name a few, our traditional Lunu Miris (Spicy Onion Salad) eaten as a side with Pol Rotti (Coconut Rotti), Kiribath (milk rice) and Hoppers.

Another favourite Sri Lankan recipe is the famous ‘Seeni Sambol’, a must-have road snack along with a hot cup of ginger tea.

‘Onions’ are packed with multiple vitamins and a variety of minerals and potent plant compounds that, based on scientific studies, have been shown to promote health benefits in many ways.

For more about onions and their health benefits, turn to our next section of "Let's Talk Healthy, Shall We?