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As the month of June draws to an end, we prepare ourselves to welcome July! With high hopes that this month carries with it good news as we enter the second half of 2019!!!

Welcome, everyone to our June Edition of Home Gardener with Mums In Colombo, your friendly guide to eating and living healthy, in the most Sri Lankan way possible! 

This month’s issue I am afraid, most of you will not be able to handle it, because it is going to be ‘Bitter’!!! Yes, in fact, everything about this month’s issue is going to be bitter, because I am going to be spilling the truth about ‘Momordica Charantia’, also known by its other name ‘Bitter Gourd’!!! 

You may have noticed that in all my issues over the last couple of months, I have been focusing on fruits and vegetables that play a major role in keeping you healthy and disease free, and I am happy to say that this month’s issue is no exception. So, if you are still in doubt about eating your vegetables, I think now would be the best time to make a slight diet change! Don’t you think? But have no fear, keep reading what I write and I will make sure to throw in a few recipes you could try out!

So without further delays, let’s learn the Bitter Truth about Bitter Gourd!!!

What Do We Know About Bitter Gourd?

This is what we know so far, and I am positive that most of you will agree with me that bitter gourd helps with regulating your blood sugar! Yes? Ok… But what you don’t know, is that, just like any other fruits and vegetables I have been featuring for the last couple of months, bitter gourd is packed with nutrients, and when I say packed, I mean this fruit is rich in essential ingredients that your body needs in order to keep functioning as normal as possible. So the next time you head to the market to get some, here is what you are consuming per 100g serving:


20 kcal





Vitamin C


Vitamin A










So as you can now clearly see that bitter gourd is rich in Vitamins A and C and both are essential in bone formation, tissue repairing, disease prevention and last but not least, boosting your immune system. But that is not all, keep reading to find out what this little spiky fruit can actually benefit you.


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