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Growing green chilies is easy. It just requires a little bit of delicate handling in the initial stages and voila you can have your very own , indoor, organic green chilies.

Shaminaz shows you how.

Chillies grow well in a well drained, fertile soil. If planting in pots be sure to use a good organic compost that will retain moisture.The longer you leave the chillies on the plant, the hotter in flavour they will become.


1.Fill your pot with potting mix.Keep approximately 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of empty space between the top of the soil and the rim of the pot.

2.Plant your seeds in the pot.The seeds should be spaced 2 inches (5 centimeters) apart from one another.

3.Sprinkle loose compost over the seeds.

4.Spray the seeds with water as often as necessary in order to keep the soil moist. Water is essential to chili peppers, especially in the early stages of planting.
Keep your chili peppers near a sunny window.

5.Thoroughly soak your peppers after sprouts appear above the soil. When the surface of the soil is just barely dry to the touch, give your chili peppers more water. Water the plant until excess water begins to drain out of the container's bottom hole.

6. Encourage growth by giving your plants a vegetable fertilizer on a monthly basis

7. Maintain the plants. It will take a month or longer before the chillies begin flowering and bearing fruit. Harvest your chilles one at a time.

Wear gloves when harvesting chilli peppers or you may burn your hands.
Do not touch your eyes when handling chilli peppers.
Give your plants plenty of room to grow as the chilli pepper plants can grow up to 2 feet.
Protect your plants from snails by sprinkling salt along the base of the pot.

Chilies are prone to root bugs. 
Mix 1 tablespoon of mild detergent into 1 quart of water, pour it into a spray bottle and voila: You have insecticidal soap that reportedly works as well as commercial varieties. Spraying the mixture on a plant, with special attention to the undersides of the leaves,

Soil mix 
Soil mix is dry cow dung homemade compost sand I mix. 

Shaminaz Deen
Author: Shaminaz Deen

Shaminaz is a home gardener. She gorws her own chilies, capsicums, mangoes and even roses. Cinnamon and black pepper.

She uses all natural ingredients to protect her plants from snails and bugs.

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