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Pandan also known as rampe is a tropical plant which is commonly known as pandan leaves, and is used widely in Southeast Asian cooking as a flavoring . They have a strong, sweet fragrance and are often used to scent and flavor food. Many people use pandan leaves to repel insect pests.yes indeed! Pandan is really a must to have in our homes.

And I'll tell you how to get your own nonartificial Green food colour - the real deal is a million times better than even the most artificial green colour you buy from the store . So if you have access to fresh leaves, try making your own extract. It is super easy, and your desserts are going to  taste and look super awesome.

How to grow it :-
If you want to grow this plant, don't go to the nursery. You can get from a neighbor or someone already has this plant growing . The kind neighbor will select a stalk that has tiny roots at the base. Then You can go back home to root it by putting it in a container of water and let it stand for a few days until roots appear. Thereafter You will plant it in the well-drained soil.

The pandan is an ideal plant to have in our backyard. The leaves are shiny, look like long blades and they are green the whole year through.

The plant doesn't need much care.  Once its planted you do not need to fertilize it anymore. Watering is only needed during dry season. After we cut off some portions of the leaves for cooking, it will grow back very soon. When left to grow wild, it can develop many branches which make it look quite bushy. It actually blends in to add to the beauty of our tropical landscape and home gardens.

Watering  the Pandan Plants :-
Pandan plants require a fair  amount of waterwhen they're first planted, but once they're settled, they're naturally hardy enough to survive near-drought conditions. Keep them well-watered during the summer to keep their leaves vibrant and healthy. Pandan plants also require lots of sunshine. If you have limited access to sunshine, consider setting the pandan plant pot sit in the sunshine.

If you want to Plant your pandan plant in pots, make sure the pot is deep enough for good root and wide enough to provide at least 4 inches on all sides around the root ball. Fill the pot with potting soil mix then settle in the root ball by watering it well

It will also  grow as an indoor plant if you keep the plant by the window or some place you get plenty of sunlight. grown in home flower pots or sold at markets , Pandan leaves are very important to have around the house.

Uses in kitchen-
Pandan leaves have a wonderful aroma that is used in baking and in lots of dishes around the world. It's somewhat sweet, and works well It's also used in sweet rice, with coconut, chicken dishes and with fish. But do you know there are many other uses to it?

I have a round-up of the many other uses of pandan leaves:

1. Remove odor from your shoe cupboard
Keep a few leaves or more in your shoe cupboard to absorb odor.

2. Decoration
We love adding greens and flowers into our home. While we were decorating our kitchen corner, we incorporated pandan leaf in a tall glass jar. We find that it looks lovely on our dressing table too.

3.Car freshener
We got this tip from a friend: make a bunch of roses using pandan leaves, tie it up like a bouquet and place it the car. That's a natural car fresher for you! Not only it is beautiful, it smells lovely .

4. Flavour your sugar.. By adding few dried pieces of pandan leaves in your sugar jar and
If you add sugar into your tea and coffee, you might enjoy pandan flavoured sugar.

5.Natural Cockroach Repellant – Taking the tea and spraying it around the house keeps cockroaches away.

6.Green Food Color – The longer pandan leaves are boiled the darker the green color. The resulting liquid is a natural food coloring that can be used for

7.Breath freshner :-thanks to the nice fragrance of Pandan leaves chewing on them can get rid of that bad breath instantly.this may also be done to attain natural relief from swallon and bleeding gums
8.You can use pandan leaves to wrap marinated chicken before frying it. Great taste and aroma.

9.Overcome dandruff :- Rinse 2 to 5 pieces of pandan leaves, tiny little slices and crushed into powder, using the results of the collision pandan leaves to wipe rubbed scalp regularly.

Pandan, the aromatic leaves are wrapped around chunks of coconut-milk-marinated chicken, steamed, and finally deep-fried in sweet-savory Thai recipe. Steaming the chicken in pandan leaves imparts a floral fragrance, while deep-frying caramelizes the sugary marinade and browns the leaves, imbuing the meat with a nutty flavour.

How to get your nonartificial green food colouring extract :-
Fresh pandan leaves
½ cup water

Instructions :-
Carefully wash the leaves to remove dirt.
Use a pair of scissors to cut the leaves into strips.
Loosely fill a 6 cup capacity blender with the leaves.
Add ½ cup of water to the blender and process until the leaves are complete paste.
Use a strainer (or cheese cloth) to strain the pandan extract. Transfer the extract into a clean glass jar. Store in refrigerator and use within 1 week.

If you freeze the extract I bet you can keep it longer. Just an idea.

Avoid :- avoid brown or shriveled leaves. Wrapped in a damp paper towel and stored in the crisper of the refrigerator, fresh pandan leaves will keep for several days. As only the mature green leaves are fragrant, separate the blades before cooking, and trim off the whitish ends. Discard these, along with any immature pale leaves at the heart of the clump.
Happy growing and enjoy have fun !!

Shaminaz Deen
Author: Shaminaz Deen

Shaminaz is a home gardener. She gorws her own chilies, capsicums, mangoes and even roses. Cinnamon and black pepper.

She uses all natural ingredients to protect her plants from snails and bugs.

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