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Justin Bieber claimed in 2016, "you [we] should learn to love ourselves". We are too critical of our faults. Yes, to err is human but why is that a bad thing? Knowing it is human nature to make mistakes, shouldn't we go easy on ourselves? Ok, we ate that last piece of chocolate cake, licked our fingers and later felt disgusted with ourselves. But, we acknowledge our mistakes, learn from it and move on. If we constantly berate ourselves, our self-worth is reduced and in the end, we just end up feeling miserable.

In the topic of being self-aware, another resolution one can think about is the importance of being realistic. Not just in terms of resolutions, but in our outlooks in life. Being overly positive can be a little annoying; a bouncy chirpy fairy next to you going on and on can cause even the calmest person to roll their eyes. Being negative also creates a similar wave of annoyance. But being realistic, understanding there are challenges in life and figuring out methods to deal with them more effectively, now that's something anyone can get on board.

Also being realistic means, one can say, "I want to lose weight and fit into a size 10 again" but if we continue eating our chocolate cake with our plain tea (without sugar, of course), this is not likely. Like everything, it has to be followed through and one should be self-aware.

As the song Seasons of Love says, you have"Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes moments" to figure out what your goals and dreams are this year. So enjoy, really think about it and most of all, have fun. After all, there's always next year.

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