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The Mover and Shaker
Corporate mover and shaker dressed in designer clothing and to be found at every cocktail and society function in town. Being the centre of attention is an entitlement and of course negotiating a potential "deal" is all in an evening's work. Needless to say he is only accessible via his PA who is his gatekeeper amongst the other roles she plays, and my grandmother would certainly wiggle her eyebrows at her job description. Frequent business trips overseas is very much the order of the day, the legitimacy of which I leave you dear reader to discern. As a frequent traveller myself I have come across some of these movers and shakers and believe me its rock and roll all the way for these King of good times!

The Boy's Club Member
The proverbial teenager who never grew up and is for some unfathomable reason wrapped up in activities with his class mates and school buddies. The regular catch up at a popular bar or club sees him nattering about politics, women, travel and if you haven't discerned it by now, yes! Men are certainly bigger gossips than women.

The open friendship enjoyed by the " boys" is not a privilege enjoyed in the marital abode. The family's yearly calendar revolves around their school agenda and goes something like this-

Jan : New Year parties with the boys and spices reluctantly tag along

Feb :Pre Big match get together minus the spices

March : Stag nights and Big Matches and any excuse to get drunk

April : Trips abroad during Avuruddu

May : Pre Bradby / Rugby together again the spices are not invited

June / July :Rugby season and another excuse to get drunk

August : Other School matches and excuse to be out and about

Sept – Dec : College dance committee meetings and the grand finale of the annual dance accompanied by the spice/spouse

The Prude with skeletons in the closet
Arguably Colombo is full of these men - a pillar of society, devout and religious, rather dutiful and sanctimonious and ticks all the boxes. However, when one gets past the perfect façade the closet is literally rattling! Our angel is busy swinging on the other side of the gender fence or has a young bonnie lass tucked far away from the prying eyes of society. So forgive us lesser mortals for not meeting your lofty standards as it is now a case of a Mea Culpa Mea Culpa!

The Friday Night Reveller
Now these are a dime a dozen and are generally out on Friday night prowling the regular watering holes with the aim of "snagging divorcees with no strings attached". They are the smooth operators who have perfected their hunting skills and weave in and out of liaisons with great ease. The generally line being - I am unhappy, my wife does not understand me, it's not working out.
Once the connection is made they proceed on to hard drinking and then a quick visit to R&B and then on to croon out of tune until the early hours in the smoke infested Sopranos. Liaisons are generally conducted discreetly at an apartment, the existence of which is not known to his family.

The Rare Gentleman
And lastly the loving husband and father who is there to support you every step of the way. Generous not only in monetary terms but also with his love, care and attention and above else his time. The man we all dream of and some are blessed with. The man who puts his family before all else. Who is grounded and has deep values and understands the meaning of balance. Alas they are a dying breed!

And then there is you my dear reader. You may not be blessed with a Gentleman for a husband and have the unenviable task of holding the family together out of motherly love sacrificing your life and your dreams.

Playing the Herculean role of mother, friend, driver, organiser, supervisor, cook, cleaner, the roles are endless. The hats you wear are many. Your day starts at 5 am and ends at 12 pm. Navigating through our horrendous traffic and shuttling from one end of Colombo to the other, ensuring the children attend their classes on time, managing a myriad of tasks at home, including keeping the peace with the in laws.

Are you married to a wandering husband who moves around faster than a DHL courier Package? Does your wanderer even realise the trials and tribulations of your daily routine? Does he appreciate your remarkable ability to keep the home fires burning minus personal assistants?

Do you ever get time off? One hour of the day to call your own to achieving your dreams and goals.

Whilst in the process of not only keeping up appearances, but also holding the family together with love, determination and sheer grit, have you lost your identity? Have you ceased to exist as a person, courtesy of your wandering husband?

Only you know the truth dear reader, and I raise my glass to you!

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