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Is creativity and artistic activity needed for a child’s development?

The country’s future is children. Giving birth to a developed, good child is everyone’s responsibility. For a
child’s development, creativity and artistic activity are essential factors. From it they will gain the ability
to think clearly, solve issues, face problems well and work accordingly.

Why is creativity and artistic activity important for a child’s development?

The neurons that exceed 100 billion in our brain connect with each other and make new bonds with
trillions of others. When the neurons in the brain get activated they become stronger and when they are
not activated they become disabled. Therefore according to the experiences a child has during small
days the aforementioned neurons’ lifespan will be determined. According to the stimulants we give our
child new bonds are created as a response. As such new bonds are created, the brain gains ability to
accept various new experiences the child gets.

Even through drama, music and dancing a child’s thinking ability and creative ability is developed. This
means that a child becomes stimulated when engaging in such activity. These activities benefit a child’s
explorations, findings and sensitivity mostly. They create the place they will own in the world for
themselves accordingly. Likewise small children can use these activities to communicate their feelings.
They do not talk about their stress or fear often. However if they engage in creative artistic activities
they will use paint, colors, artistic movements, drama, music and dance to express their feelings.
Likewise various new ideas and creations can be born out of free creativity.

Developing learning through pictorial art

Small children show a great liking towards paper activity such as fingerprinting, pasting, colorful
pictures, drawing, cutting and tearing. Children learn a lot through pictures. For this it is best to give
them pictorial stories and story books with big pictures.

Development through drama

From small days children show a great interest in creating new things. They like to dress the way adults
dress and make play rice when they are small. They make the objects around them according to the way
they need them when they play. Most kids love the word “why”. That is because they like to learn
things out of curiosity. Likewise if they were given items to dress up a doll they would do so in a creative

Learning music and development

Music develops our wisdom as well. Therefore by developing a child’s musical skills, his or her ability to
learn will get developed and also their skills in language, mathematics, and science and also be mastered
successfully. Children show an interest in listening and they also sing certain songs while playing. Some
imitate certain musical instruments, sounds and words. They beat objects together and make noises.
Memory power gets developed through singing. Ability to pronounce words, imitating, and
identification of words will also be developed.

Development through dancing

By learning to dance a child’s balance and rhythm develops, through which the body’s grace, flexibility
and discipline is developed. When dancing to a rhythm the body gets accustomed to understanding
something easily.

In this way when learning the child receives information and retain them according to the
aforementioned ways. Therefore if the child’s surroundings are prepared accordingly it is a great help
for the child’s development. Because of this, directing the child towards artistic things and creativity will
bring a lot of benefits for his development and future.

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