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Are you ready to give your child toilet training?

You might have some issues about training children who have completed two years of age to use the toilet. What is meant by training a small child use the toilet is training the child to use the potty. However, you should first decide if the little one should use the potty or start from training to use the toilet itself. During this age period, it is most ideal to use the potty as it is safe and is easy to carry anywhere. The potty you choose for your child should be comfortable for him and not a nuisance.

Even now you might be a mom who is anxious over not being able to train your child to use the potty. So we are ready to give you a few practical pieces of advice regarding training your little one to use the potty. It will be a great help for you as well as your child.

Usually, the time period between eightieth and thirtieth month is seen as the ideal time period to start potty training for a child. However, first, you should be mindful to know if the child is in a suitable condition to use the potty or not. That is, you should first think about factors such as your child’s ability to inform you in some way that he has the need, to understand what you are saying, and to sit on the potty and to stand back up by himself. Likewise, you should be aware of whether or not the child can wear his underwear and lower it by himself. If your child’s responses for these are positive then your child is suitable for potty training. However, some children may not be suitable for this. Then no matter how much you try the child will not get accustomed to using the potty. At such instances without putting pressure on the child constantly, postpone it for some time. After the child achieves the above qualifications you may start potty training again. 


  • Train your child to go to the toilet at an allocated time daily
  • Teach your child how to inform his need to use the toilet 
  • Give the child a chance to sit on the potty and to express his ideas on it
  • Avoid letting the passing of faeces be an unpleasant experience by giving food that prevents constipation
  • Do not force

First lets potty train the child

First, place the potty in a place which is comfortable for the child. Give a simple explanation on how to use it by either keeping a doll on it. Direct him gradually to use the potty a few times a day. Even though female children use the potty for both passings of urine and faeces, male children can use the toilet if they want to pass urine. Even though it may seem unpleasant, make the activity of using the potty enjoyable by giving the child something he likes when he uses the potty. Likewise, give them an understanding of cleanliness from the time they are potty training. Even if there is nothing on their hands train the child to wash his hands after using the potty. The child will then understand from a small age that after using the toilet the hands should be cleaned. Especially when female children pass urine wash that area with water.

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