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Is your attention towards your child’s sleep enough?

During childhood when children’s development takes place rapidly, sleep is a very important factor in order for a child’s physical and mental development to occur successfully. Sometimes it will be a very tiresome task for parents to give kids a comfortable sleep where there will not wake up from time to time. Likewise, parents’ unbeknownst mistakes can also be a hindrance to a child’s comfortable sleep. It is important that you as adults take the responsibility of avoiding such mistakes.

For example, mobile phones can be seen used a lot to put children to sleep nowadays and through these devices what happens is that the child loses the need to sleep. That is because the colours on the mobile phone’s screen stimulate the child. Likewise, a child loses the need to sleep by toys hung around the bed or cradle that are colourful and light up. When the place where the little one sleeps is a quiet and softly lit place the child’s whole attention gets focused on sleeping.

“Son, wake up, it’s day time now”, even though you call out in this way many times most children may stay as if they didn’t hear it. This may be because the child has not had a comfortable sleep or he might be trying to get your attention.

Even though some parents put children who are even around two years of age to sleep alone in a bed, children at that age may not have self-control required to sleep alone. Therefore the appropriate age to train a child to sleep from the cradle to the bed can be identified as age three and above. In this way, some parents move the child away from their embrace from a very small age. However, a child does not like it at all, because any child likes to sleep in their parents’ embrace. Likewise, if they get scared for some reason the sleep they get away from you will not be a comfortable one. You should understand that a child who does not get a comfortable sleep will not face the next day happily.

To give a little one a comfortable sleep,

  • Give an appropriate meal for dinner (that is in a way the child does not get the need to eat till breakfast next morning)
  • Ask the child about brushing teeth before bed and going to the toilet and get those done 
  • Prepare the little one to sleep in a comfortable night dress 
  • Do something that calms the little one’s mind before going to sleep at night, such as telling a nice story or singing a song or something else
  • Remove anything that makes a lot of noise from the little ones surrounding. Create an environment that is quiet, calm and safe for him to sleep
  • Put away television, computer games and other devices before sleep
  • Likewise, if the child gets scared during sleep or going to sleep without you, never do that
  • Talk to the little one before going to sleep, “good night baby, mommy loves you a lot”; sentences like these would create mental happiness for your little one

To start the new day fresh, if the child calls out for you at the time he wakes up from his sleep, definitely go to him; they may be calling out for you for your attention or that they maybe needing help. Likewise, pay attention to the time duration of your child’s sleep. It is most appropriate if you can stay till they wake up or around the time they wake up. Also, get them accustomed to one time for their sleep. After it becomes a habit the child will automatically get accustomed to it. In order for you to understand through experience that a child who gets comfortable sleep will actively get ready to start the next day, working according to this towards the little one’s sleep will come in handy.

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