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The way our little ones think, things they do and how they learn new things are really fascinating. They learn new things in a more beautiful and fascinating way than adults. It's really surprising and interesting to watch how a little one, born as a baby with very little knowledge, gradually starts to learn new things and enhances his knowledge. Creative Play and Artistic Activities are two important things that can directly affect a child’s learning as well as development. These two will have a positive effect on a child’s thinking ability, problem solving skills, logical-thinking skills and movements.

Parents’ awareness of the impact of Creative Play and Artistic Activities on a child’s learning and development is very important as this awareness will enable parents to properly guide their children. Therefore today we will discuss with you how children benefit from Music, Dancing, Visual Art and Dramatic Play.

01. Music

As we have heard, a baby becomes sensitive to music in the second trimester, while in a mother’s womb. Children enjoy singing, listening to music and making sounds by banging objects together. Singing encourages your child to try new words and it also helps to develop his memory. Not only that, your child will also learn to put actions to the words of the song. Further playing different musical instruments supports and encourages child’s movements. Thus singing is very important for the creative learning and development of your child.

02. Dancing

Little ones love to dance when they hear a song. Freely moving their little hands, feet and body, children very much enjoy dancing to a tune of a song. They try their own moves when they dance. In fact, lots of things are going through children's minds when they are dancing; they create imaginary worlds while dancing. Their little bodies start to feel and enjoy various rhythms. All these have a positive effect on a child's development. Thus dancing is great for your little one as it helps to develop your child’s gross motor skills.

03. Visual Art

Children naturally love art. They love to scribble on paper, walls or simply on any reachable surface. When children draw using various colors and paper, their thinking skills start to develop. They also learn about shapes and lines when they draw or paint. Drawing is also very important for the development of your child’s gross motor skills. However sometimes parents get angry when their children scribble on various surfaces. Think twice before you stop your little one next time because it might negatively affect your child’s development.

04. Dramatic Play

Children create fantasy worlds when they play. They make play houses with other kids and during play children use objects to represent something else. For example leaves from trees are used as money and dolls become their babies. When they play children imitate the actions of adults. They assign themselves and others roles and act them out. This kind of dramatic play supports the development of your child’s imagination, gross motor skills and problem solving skills.

Thus involvement in music, dancing, visual art and dramatic play will definitely make your child smart, confident and ready to face future challenges. When a child is not exposed to these kinds of activities, it might have a negative effect on the child’s mental as well as physical development. Therefore as parents, you must be aware of the importance of creative play and artistic activities for the mental and physical development of your child. This awareness will consequently help you to provide proper guidance to your child and make his future brighter.      


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