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A lesson for parents who unconditionally love their kids.

The love that parents show their children is unconditional and it’s never easy to measure parental love. Today we are going to tell you about something that you can do to show your kids that you really love them. What we are going to tell you is actually more important than buying your kids expensive toys or gifts, i.e. giving your child Positive Attention. Now you may be wondering what “Positive Attention” here means. Spare a few minutes and read this article, we will tell you why positive attention from you or other caregivers is important to your child.

What is Positive Attention?

From the day a baby is born his parents and caregivers become his world. Guidance and especially love from parents and caregivers are essential for a child to get used to the outside world and also for the development of his personality. In simple terms, Positive Attention means the love we show our kids. However it is not hidden love, it means openly expressing your love and affection and making your child feel loved. From smiling at your child to cuddling and hugging him, all your actions that show love and affection come under Positive Attention.

Why Positive Attention is important. 

From the moment they are born, children start to gather experiences. Parental love and positive attention will enable the child to enjoy positive life experiences. Showing love and affection to your child is of great importance as it will result in lifelong positive outcomes for the child. Praising children for their efforts will definitely motivate them and will encourage them to repeat their good behaviour. When your child is crying, if you can hold him lovingly and comfort him instead of scolding or ignoring him, he will feel safe and secure. This will not only affect the child’s personality development but it will show the child how important he is to his parents. It will consequently help your child to develop positive attitudes. Thus due to all these reasons, positive attention given to their children by parents is paramount.

How to show Positive Attention.

No matter how old your child is, the main thing he expects from you is your love and your love can definitely shape your child’s future. Giving positive attention to your child is not as hard as you think. You can do it with very simple actions. The most important thing is your smile. Your smile will convince your child that you love him. So smile at your little one. Kiss him, hug him and cuddle him, never let him feel insecure. Always encourage your child, help him to get used to new environments. Openly show your kids you love them.  This is the easiest and the most important way to make your child a smart person. 

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