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Although the two terms FOS and GOS sound unfamiliar, getting to know them will be important for parents who are concerned about their child’s health. “FOS” is the shortened version for Fructooligosaccharides while “GOS” means Galactooligosaccharides. Both these substrates fall under the broader category of Prebiotics. The word Prebiotics may sound familiar to parents as many food products for children contain prebiotics.

What happens to GOS/FOS in the digestive system

GOS and FOS are not digested by human intestinal enzymes. When these undigested FOS & GOS reach the large intestine they act as food for friendly bacteria residing in the large intestine.

Natural sources of GOS & FOS

According to studies, onion, garlic, leeks, banana, and chicory root contain high levels of FOS, whereas GOS is present in breast milk, fermented milk products such as yoghurts.

Why are FOS and GOS important for your little one?

Parents often worry about their child’s health as well as safety. A healthy child makes parents happy. Parents always try to give their children the best foods that are high in nutrients. Studies have shown that a combination of FOS and GOS in food can offer many health benefits. We name a few below,

  1. GOS/FOS support the growth of friendly bacteria
    GOS/FOS act as food for friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria consume GOS/FOS & grow in number. When more friendly bacteria are present, they reduce the growth of harmful bacteria who cause diseases. The Short Chain Fatty Acids produced by these friendly bacteria strengthen the intestinal wall, making it difficult for the harmful bacteria to get into the body. This mechanism can protect your child from various diseases.
  1. GOS/ FOS are a variety of soluble fibre 
    FOS and GOS are soluble dietary fibre and support to pass stools easily and help to prevent constipation.

We hope you would have got some idea of the benefits of giving FOS and GOS to your little one. In addition to the health benefits mentioned in this article, FOS and GOS offer so many other health benefits to your child. Therefore, always make sure to give your little one the correct nutrition which will ensure his normal growth & good health.

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