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We tend to do each and every need of our children because we love them. And we do them with all our heart. Although we do them because love them, we have to let them do certain things on their own, because they have to learn. Since we do every need of our child from feeding to cleaning, it’s a fact that as they grow they have to learn to do certain things on their own. Today we are going to talk about the main area that we must teach our children to do their own - using the toilet. Let's see how, when and why we should teach that skill to a child.

01. Is your child ready for toilet training?

How do we get to know that the child is ready for potty training? It seems like it’s a bit of a difficult task. But if a parent keeps close attention on the child, she can understand it through the child’s behaviour. Normally after completing two years, parents can start training potty to their child. Some children show signs that they are ready for potty training when they are 18 months. While some do no show any sign that they are ready for potty training. Let's see how we can recognize the signs.

  • If the child doesn’t urinate for 2 hours, that means the child can control it
  • If a child can walk and sit and wait for a particular time period
  • If the child tend to observe others using the toilet
  • If the child shows or tells you that he has a need to pass
  • If a child ready to fulfil small commands that a parent gives
  • If a child refuses to wear diapers or napkins

02. Pay attention to these

If the child shows you the signs that he is ready for potty training, you have to be prepared for these.

  • You have to decide whether you buy a mobile potty or let the child use the usual bathroom toilet.
  • Potty trainers are easy for you and for the child because they are made child-friendly and most of the time children refuse to use the common toilet in the house.
  • If you want your child to train in the common toilet, fix a child toilet seat so that the child can sit easily.
  • Teach your child some easy words to express their need like - pee, wee, poo, poop
  • When you are changing the diaper or the napkin, let your child see that you throw it in a waste bin. So the child will learn that it is something ugly and we throw it.
  • Let the child see you or a sibling using the toilet and how we do it.
  • Give your child enough fibre rich food, so it will make easier for him to pass and it will make easy for you to teach the child to use the toilet.

03. Let's start like this

Here, parents should be very patient. You cannot do this in a hurry. So let's start slowly like this.

  • First, sit the child on the toilet or the potty trainer 30 minutes after the main meal or taking a shower.
  • Otherwise, stay on alert if the child would indicate any need to pass. Make him sit on the toilet or the potty.
  • Let him sit and wait for 3-5 minutes and if he would not pass, take him out from the potty.
  • If the child is giving a try to pass, encourage him. If he succeeds, admire him then he understands it’s a fun and easy thing to do. And he will learn it fast.
  • Ask about 2-3 times a day if he wants to use the toilet. And do not ask him over and over.
  • Reduce the use of diapers in the daytime.
  • Dress him in cloths easy to remove.
  • Clean the child properly after using the toilet and continue it until the child learns to clean himself.
  • Teach him to clean his hands properly after using the toilet.
  • Teach him but do not make him feel tired or difficult to learn it.
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