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I realised this morning in the short window of five minutes of silence and a cup of coffee in my hand, that I have been so hard on myself over the last few months!

There’s an inner voice in my head that keeps telling me that I failed (yet again) or that I really need to do better or be more on top of things. But that’s not reality now is it? How have I allowed this much negative self-talk in?

For some reason in my head I don’t realise the magnitude of what we are experiencing as a human race right now all over the world. The pandemic is not over. We are still in it. There are rays of light that come and go but in reality, it is looking like we need energy for the long haul. This is a marathon.

We have all been juggling many balls and as mums, we juggle most of our family’s balls on top of everything else. Unfortunately it is the sad reality.

We have had to deal with online schooling (which is kind of equivalent to homeschooling), making sure there is food in the fridge and in tummies, that the house does not look like the site of a bad science experiment and ensuring we don’t go stark raving mad at work. Sounds like something out of a super hero comic strip - and you know what?
Mums out there - you are ALL super heroes!

You have made it this far with your kids clothed, fed and even having learnt something along the way. You have kept it together at work. You have a clean house and no one starved. You have coped with the mountains of challenges of lockdown. Some of us have even run after the vegetable trucks ourselves and others have scoured the web for that cereal that has the yummy chocolate bits in it. That is definitely super hero stuff right there!

So mums - pat yourself on the back! You are doing an incredible job. You are amazing, you matter and you have made such a difference in the people’s lives you have touched. They may not have said it out loud. I am sure that you unknowingly have stopped many a budding tantrum, put a smile on a face, made someone’s day with a phone or with some extra work that you picked up. That grocery list you ordered or that medicine top up you made for your family member made such a difference for them. So thank you for being you and for juggling all those balls and for still having love to dish out for scraped knees and bruised elbows. You are a rock and you have been a rock - but remember you don’t always have to be.

Maybe today, take some time to shut yourself in a room or a bathroom. Have a long shower, read a book or simply stare out the window with a steaming cup of coffee or tea (don’t forget the biscuits). Remind yourself of all the amazing things you have done and coped with so far this year. We are halfway through 2021! Let that sink in for a bit…

You have accomplished great things by simply coping with all the uncertainties and challenges of 2021. So take a deep breath and know that you have the strength within you - but take time to let your internal system ‘reboot’. Goodness knows that even super heroes need time to recuperate!

So as Molly stirs, I take a deep breath and gulp down my coffee. It will be nice to just enjoy and be. For today, I won’t have any high expectations. I will enjoy the day and go easy on myself. This isn’t a test I need to pass, it is a moment in time that will pass - until then I just need to learn to love myself for who I am and what I can do and learn to let go of the rest. I hope you can too!

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