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This is where Saaraketha comes in. The only 'certified organic' retailer with an unbelievably diverse range of products that cover the gamut from heirloom rice to fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, spices and even jams, chutneys and preserves, the store is a smorgasbord of organic delights.

For those who cannot make it to their retail shop at Ward Place, is the best solution for busy schedules as the items are delivered right to the doorstep! Convenience at it's best and most nutritious. The store also makes an appearance at the Good Market on Saturdays Colombo & Galle while supplying the Good Market Shop on a regular basis.

So what makes Saaraketha so different from the other stores that tout the organic label? A buzz word that seems to apply to everything from food to apparel, organic seems to be a term that is slapped on items,often with no relevance or significance to what it truly represents. In fact, many Mums who purchase their groceries from local polas, assume that since there is no middle man, that they are purchasing organic material. However the term organic has a deeper connotation that goes far beyond the place it is sold.

Organic in its deeper sense means fresh produce that has been grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals that keep insects and infections at bay. Apart from this, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. This not only helps maintain the purity of the product, it also minimizes the amount of unhealthy factors that you consciously put into your system.

However, Saaraketha takes that commitment to quality and purity to the next level by offering 'certified' organic products that have been rigorously checked and verified by globally accredited certifications. Simply put, every aspect of the production, from the soil, water, leaf and plant matter as well as the product itself is tested in a laboratory in Holland to ensure that stringent measures are taken, and in turn, records kept, to verify the organic process. Aside from peer audits from the farmers themselves, in-house inspectors and auditors as well as external auditors monitor every minute detail so as not to miss a single vital process in creating a certified organic product.

Following this exhaustive list of measures and testing, the final product is then cleaned, graded, sorted and triple washed at the pack house, so that it is ready to eat by our loyal consumers.

So how do you recognize authentic organic produce from items that are merely hopping on the bandwagon? The key is to read the labels and ask the important questions, as to how vendors can guarantee that the produce they sell are truly organic. The Saaraketha team is always ready to assist with any questions on the process and the produce and are happy to take consumers through the terms and methods that might be overwhelming or confusing.

Mums can also look for the following labels to make sure that what they are buying is the real deal.


- To carry a USDA organic label, products must come from land that has been free from certain pesticides and fertilizers for three years. During this time, farmers must manage their crops using natural, biological techniques without the aid of prohibited chemicals.


- Applied to the agricultural products, etc. which conform to the Organic Japanese Agriculture Standard. Unless organic, JAS logos are attached to the plant products or processed foods of plant origin, they can't be labelled as "organic" and exported to Japan.


- EU legislation ensures that 'organic' means the same for consumers and producers all over the EU. Legislation concerning organic produce is developed with the participation of Member States and the assistance of advisory and technical committees and expert bodies.


CONTROL UNION - Control Union is an impartial certification body that manages a wide range of certifications in agriculture, food, feed, forest products, textiles and bio energy.

Busy lifestyles and inconvenience are no longer excuses to keep your family from the benefits of consuming fresh, certified organic produce and Saaraketha has truly stepped up to the plate in walking the talk and making organic food more than just a buzzword, but a healthier and more sustainable way of life for all families in Sri Lanka.

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