• Spinach and cherry tomato Frittata

    Whar is a frittata? It is an Italian breakfast dish, basically a crustless quiche. Served at room temperature, it can be made well ahead of time.In fact you could send it in a lunch box to school.  A frittata is not an omelette -  it is slow cooked slowly over low heat, whereas an omelette is cooked on high heat. 

    Usually frittatas are baked in an oven, but they can be made on a stove top -  you will need a heavy based pan though. You can also try "baking"your frittata in your airfryer. 

    Like quiches, frittatas can be used to clean out your fridge. You can throw anything you want in a frittata as long as the egg base recipe is followed. So jazz it up or not as you see fit. 


  • Winged Bean Coconut Fry

    A quick and easy, healthy recipe using yummy Dambala 

    Recipe courtesy of Thanuja from Apron_of_thanu