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Five-year-old Ronan is visiting his grandmother (fondly known as Granma) who lives in a large old-fashioned house in an unspecified place out of Colombo. He and his parents are hoping to spend the school vacation looking after the ailing old lady. However, Ronan is not happy with this arrangement. He is afraid of change and the unknown. His mother's efforts at drawing him out are successful until Ronan meets an unusual creature in the garden - a dinosaur! Scoot, the Scutellosaurus, shows Ronan around and introduces him to a couple of new friends. As a result, the little boy realises there is nothing to be anxious about. However, an unexpected turn of events leaves him shaken and the future is yet again uncertain. The rest of the book deals with how he copes and the journey he takes with his new friend.

Ronan's Dinosaur was an instant hit with my 8-year-old son who is very much into dinosaurs and endorses all children having a faithful pet dog to talk to. It is interesting, easy to read and fast paced. If your kids are anything like my son, then they are sure to enjoy this book, which would take them into a magical, imaginary world where anything is possible.

The author, Nadishka Aloysius is a teacher, actor, mother and writer of books for children and youth. This is her second paperback publication, and it is available at leading bookstores and at the MIC annual sale.

Cheryl Abeyewardene
Author: Cheryl Abeyewardene
Cheryl Abeyewardene is a qualified teacher and counsellor with post graduate qualifications in Counseling and psychotherapy. Currently she runs the Crafts and Tales programme with her childhood friend.

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