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My children love animals. So when I saw these at Sarasavi Bookshop a couple of months ago, I just had to buy them. Priced at Rs 290 each they were quite a steal. I didn't realise what a great choice it was until we actually read them. That is why I am starting off this blog with one of our favourite series that is both educational and entertaining.

The series is commissioned by the RSPCA - the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Quite a mouthful to say, but they do invaluable work.

What first caught my eye was the cover - each book has a cute animal with shiny decorations around the border. You can be sure your young reader will be drawn to pick up the book.

Each book is based on a real animal rescue and includes pictures and other details of the event that inspired the story. Readers also learn interesting new facts about the animal. These additional treasures are found at the back of each book.

The stories themselves are all inspirational and fun. They follow a similar formula - there's a child who finds an animal that needs help, he/she gets the help of those around and the job is done. This basic formula is surrounded by other very realistic details about life - mixed marriages, single parents, abandoned animals - but nothing too shocking for our kids. As an adult reading the books with my sons, I felt that the settings opened their eyes to life and society around them in an acceptable and gentle way. The stories also encourage young people to be empathetic, proactive, to value teamwork and to never give up. You also get a wonderful insight into the workings of the RSPCA and the dedicated folk who make such wonderful rescues possible.
Children love animals and are naturally drawn to a good animal story. This series fosters that and directs it in a purposeful way. I can testify to this in our lives. A stray kitten was run over in the car park of our building and needed the amputation of a leg. My sons very enthusiastically accompanied me to the vet and helped to nurse the kitten back to health (we didn't adopt it but found it a better home). It was very rewarding to see such compassion and love for animals in action.

I would suggest this series for children age 6 - 10.

If you are interested in knowing more about the RSPCA and their projects, please visit

Nadishka Aloysius
Author: Nadishka Aloysius
Nadishka Aloysius is a teacher, actor, author, book blogger and mother of two boys. Being a qualified teacher of Drama and English Language with over 18 years' experience in the field, and a mother of two sons who love story time, she finds inspiration in the little everyday details of life. She also conducts creative writing workshops and school visits to share her love of literature.

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