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"I got a mediocre feeling about this"

Although suffering a problematic production with directorial changes, recasts and even the hiring of acting coaches, Solo: A Star Wars Story manages to be a welcome addition to the Star Wars film series.

To begin with, Alden Ehrenreich, is the young actor who is replacing Harrison Ford in this film, Ehrenreich puts out a solid performance showing the audience what Han Solo was like before his days as a smuggler and eventual war hero. Although Ehrenreich works well as a leading man, his performance does indeed still leave more to be desired, still not living up to that of Harrison Ford's. but the performance is strengthened by his capability to bounce off his strong supporting cast. Including Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Glover is incredibly charismatic in this role, and it can even be seen in his performance that he did enjoy his time on set. However, he is somewhat underutilized in the film(fingers crossed for Calrissian: A Star Wars Story?).

The film plays out in a manner that is almost like a superhero origin film albeit with a coat of Star Wars paint over it. With the audience being able to see Han on his home planet of Corellia them grow into a formidable opponent for the antagonist of the film. The film itself has a somewhat predictable plot, which is rather disappointing given the franchise's history with unpredictable plot twists. The story does take some time to get moving and feel fluid but once it does it easily surprises the audience with the brilliant chemistry between the cast and a sly sense of humour fitting for a movie about everyone's favourite scoundrel. Although it must be said that the climax of the film seems to drag itself on for maybe a bit too long with unnecessary scenes and setups for sequels.

The visual effects are quite astounding, nothing less is expected from a Star Wars film. With brilliant stylised locations from an Imperial battlefield to a golden space yacht, but the colour palette of the film is quite muted and full, especially when compared to last year's The Last Jedi.

The movie is chock full of Easter eggs, word of advice(pay attention to the costuming and lines if you're looking for them) and fanservice to please longtime fans of the series.

One does grow weary of the yearly releases of these Star Wars films, they do begin to feel more like ploys to sell toys or just cash grabs. Personally, it is recommended that the Star Wars series be put to rest for some time at least, once the new trilogy has concluded.

That being said, Solo: A Star Wars Story is an enjoyable film although it does lack certain qualities that made the original trilogy so brilliant and iconic.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
Self professed film buff, aspiring writer and comic book geek.
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