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“A super-family to rival the Avengers”

A sequel that was fourteen years in the making has been finally released in the summer of 2018 to much anticipation and excitement. While this film is undoubtedly a family-friendly kid's film, it is definitely meant for the kids who saw it during its original outing fourteen years ago- in fact during my own viewing it was largely teenagers and adults who had been present. The film does put out some good messages for young children to take away as it helps them understand the difficulties that their parents may have by showcasing the dichotomy of the relationship and roles between two parents.

The film follows the titular Incredibles on their second adventure, taking place quite literally moments after the climax of the original film. The sequel changes up by providing the whole Parr family with more significant roles whereas the original film largely focused on the relationship between Mr.Incredible and the villain Syndicate. Although, this film is largely focused on Elastigirl or Helen Parr as she re-enters the world of super-heroics with the help of a wealthy business tycoon, amidst the troubled legality of the world's “Supers”. The film is also exceedingly relatable (in spite of it being a movie about a super-powered family) as it tackles common concepts for kids such as journeying into adolescence and struggling with math homework. The plot while incredibly interesting and engaging does feel like it repeats story beats from the original film. However, the repetition is made up for by the tight and well-paced flow of the overall film which is further aided by the stellar performances by the cast as well as witty humour and traditional Pixar Easter eggs.

Pixar has done an outstanding job with their work in animation over the course of the last decade and 'The Incredibles 2’ is no exception with breathtaking detail in each shot that might have been thought impossible to achieve fourteen years ago. It also makes effective use of the 1960s and 1950s aesthetic which it holds, especially during the opening and closing credits of the film. The visual feats achieved by Pixar in this film are best seen during the larger action set pieces of the film. The visual tonality of the film lends itself to also making the film feel just as much of a 1960s spy thriller as a live-action superhero movie.

The long-awaited ‘The Incredibles 2’ is not only a wonderfully fun and enjoyable movie but also a joyous example of a sequel done right as it builds on the original and even surpasses it in some aspects.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
Self professed film buff, aspiring writer and comic book geek.
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