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‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ is a continuation of lead protagonist Scott Lang’s story which was started in the original Ant-Man (released in 2015). This sequel follows Paul Rudd's Scott Lang after the events of “Captain America: Civil War” in which he has been put under house arrest for assisting Captain America in resisting arrest by the government that sought to control superpowers individuals with the Sokovia Accords. The Marvel Cinematic Universe(shortened to MCU) fanatics will be pleased as this film directly ties into Avengers: Infinity War which released earlier this year.

This is a film definitely recommended for kids aged 12 and up. Due to the several uses of strong violence and large amounts of heavy action sequences with fair volumes of violence. Alas, keep in mind that this is a PG-13 film which means that there is no blood splattering or excessive uses of profane languages or heavy references to drugs and alcohol. Although kids can take away the redemption story that comes with this movie, as seen in the characters of Hank Pym and Scott Lang who are both men with flawed and troubled pasts, yet they seek to improve their futures and redeem themselves for their past mistakes, one could even interpret that as a message of resilience and perseverance for kids to never back down or to understand that even when times are bad, it will improve.

The plot of the movie is more emotionally driven in comparison to the original film as it introduces newer characters with much more fascinating backstories like Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet Van Dyne, who leaves many questions unanswered, mayhaps setting up for an Ant-Man threequel. It also ties into the MCU quite well as it explores a different territory of Marvel's universe, in a similar way to that of “Guardians of The Galaxy” and “Doctor Strange”. However, unlike other Marvel films, this one uses multiple antagonists fairly effectively, while still maintaining focus on Hannah John-Kamen's Ghost who is the primary antagonist of the film. The film is also quite amusing which plays right into the hands of Paul Rudd, a generally comedic actor. But this comedy while enjoyable and provides a more likeable tone over being constantly dark and gritty, the humour does sometimes interfere in more tense and serious moments of the film. Another complaint would be that while it is an entertaining sequel the film does very little to bring originality to the film often relying on old clichés and jokes from the original. While this is not necessarily a bad thing it does cause the movie to feel stale at points. On the line of special effects, it is what most filmgoers have come to expect from a Marvel production, with eye-catching visuals and effects but still does falter in the scenes pertaining to the “Quantum Realm”.

“Ant-Man and The Wasp” is, without doubt, a sequel which has managed to improve upon the original film, with greater scale and meatier roles for their characters but still stumbles in certain areas.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
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