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The latest outing in the 'Mission Impossible’ franchise sees Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and his team pitted against the threat of nuclear war and the fists of Henry Cavill’s August Walker. I do not recommend that children under the age of fourteen view this film as it has no legitimate message to take away from the overall structure and plot and does feature heavy amounts of violence and references to socio-political themes that may leave younger children confused. The fairly lengthy two and a half hour runtime may also leave kids to be restless.

The plot of the sixth entry in this franchise does indeed retrace the steps of its predecessors with similar cookie-cutter characters and a “MacGuffin” or “magic item” or “plot device” which needs acquiring or destroying. This time it's nuclear bombs and plutonium. The villains of this film do lack depth in the larger perspective as once looking back on it, their motivations are not exactly compelling or intriguing but are more just your standard “I wanna destroy the world” type of motivation. Now while this film does feature a relatively repetitive and unoriginal plot within the context of the “Mission Impossible” franchise; it does not mean that the plot is uninteresting or boring. It did indeed engage me for the duration of the film, as while it does feel repetitive and clichéd, the characters push the plot forward in an interesting way with depth and plausible chemistry and believably organic humour injected into the movie. However, the climax of the film does feel quite messy as characters are shoehorned in and the film spreads itself too thin, attempting to draw the audience's attention in too many directions.

First and foremost this is an action film and as an action film, it should deliver jaw-dropping spectacle and excitement. It does succeed in this aspect. With absolutely stunning set pieces that the series is reputed for, continuing to feature leaving one to wonder “Is there anything Tom Cruise can't do?”. This being said the fight sequences and chase sequences are also incredibly well choreographed and edited, making sure that from the moment the iconic theme fades in for the first time and till the credits roll, that the audience is eagerly awaiting the next crazy stunt, hanging off their seats.

'Mission: Impossible - Fallout’ is indeed a fun summer blockbuster that is designed to thrill audiences and shock them with gravity-defying feats, however with as much praise that can be given to the stunts and special effects of the film, little else can be said about its relatively repetitive plot and two-dimensional villains.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
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