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Now immediately I feel like I need to mention that, if you're expecting to see a remake of Disney's classic adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" you will be sorely disappointed as this film is a wholly different beast altogether. There will be no talking crabs and underwater dance numbers set to "Under the Sea" in this film. That being said, this movie centers around the characters of Cam; a reporter. His niece, Elle and the titular little mermaid. The film follows them as Cam searches for a attention drawing story but they soon come across an imprisoned mermaid at a circus and learn of a prophecy that could affect Cam and Elle's lives drastically. Now this film is most definitely child-friendly so don't expect any blood splatter or constant cursing or lewd references. It does also feature positive messages for kids to take away regarding friendship and acceptance. However the overall quality of the film is something which definitely leaves more discussion on the table.

To begin with, the plot of the film feels awfully contrived and uninteresting as the film seems to be merely based on a series of unlikely coincidences, that continuously repeat through the first half of the film. The plot itself does feel quite cheesy too, feeling quite reminiscent of an early 2000s direct to DVD B-movie. It often seems to either take itself too seriously or flat out disregard the tone of the film. The film does try to innovate in its retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's story but ultimately fails and results on the film feeling like a "budget" version of what the film could actually be.

I cannot even commend any of the actors that worked on this film as they all did performed at a disappointing level, even exuding their own disintrest in the film through their performances. Those who aren't disinterested are merely overacting to the point where it becomes cringe-worthy and difficult to watch, an example of this can be found in the character of Locke- the primary antagonist of the film, portrayed poorly by Armando Gutierrez. This is not made any easier on the actors by the absolutely horrible writing and dialogue of the film that presents any relationship as contrived and feigned.

In summation I would highly advise against watching this film as it will not only bore you, but will damage the image of "The Little Mermaid" for you.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
Self professed film buff, aspiring writer and comic book geek.
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