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Smallfoot is a fun,energetic animated musical that manages to bring positve messages and encourages children to be curious and explore, to get out of their comfort zone. Smallfoot is definitely a children's animated film, so you won't need to worry about any obscene language or profane imagery, however younger children; specifically those under the age of 6 may find some of the characters to appear scary or threatening.

The film also seeks to teach kids important lessons regarding curiousity, the importance of taking risks and the value of being open minded to non traditional concepts. This is taught through many of the characters of the film some of whom even present themselves as something of a role model for the younger audiences to look up to. A prime example of this is the characters of Meechee(played by Zendaya) who is a character that embodies curiousity, always seeking out answers and questioning what lies before her.

Moving on, the plot of the film is fairly cookie-cutter and resembles many children's films that show characters challenging authority to prove themselves. That being said the film follows Migo(played by Channing Tatum). Migo is a Yeti who lives with a community of Yeti that is isolated on top of a mountain, one day Migo comes across a “Smallfoot” or human and returns to his community to tell them of his discovery, inevitably none of them believe him and he is forced to venture out of his home in order to prove himself. The film moves through this plot quite briskly, and stays true to its nature as a kids film,never really coming off as pretentious ( looking at you Ava Duvernay; and your adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time”). The film offers loads of laughs for kids, as during the film the children in the cinema seemed to be roaring with laughter, the adults on the other hand...not so much.

Kids will definitely find this movie appealing as it offers a few fun musical numbers to rope them in, and a plot that isn't overcomplicated and complex, with plenty of jokes and comedic pratfalls for them to enjoy. But it will also teach them some important lessons that might influence them to be more outgoing and adventurous. So parents, be aware if your child suddenly says that they want to go find a Yeti. Finally, one could say that Smallfoot is a warm, childish film that presents itself in a very fun manner but also teaches kids about many things but in spite of that it also has a very muddled third act with too many plot lines coming together and a very on the nose message.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
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