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Electrifying music, intimate chemistry, emotional fragility together brings a movie that is worthy of an Oscar nod.

Let me start by saying do not compare this movie to the original with Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand and just enjoy it for the fantastic production that it is.

The plot is simple with complex undercurrents. A brilliant but alcoholic star Jackson ( Cooper) meets raw talent Ally ( Gaga ) and together they start a journey that is both emotional and gripping. Cooper plays the mentor who loves Ally and gives her wings to fly and making that ultimate sacrifice.

Gaga gives an epic, Oscar-worthy performance in a movie that enthrals you from the start to the finish and Coopers realistic and vulnerable portrayal of Jackson is an accurate portrayal of life on the road for rock artists.
The two together, bring to life the reality of showbiz, the life on the road, the pressure and how easy it loses one’s way. But above else it is a riveting story of love, passion and sheer raw talent.

Music lovers would appreciate the incredible composition, arrangements which not just has your heart pounding at times but also has an emotional hold on your heart strings and can be a tear jerker. The first duet between the pair “ Shallow” has such gritty authenticity that you want to keep listening to it repeatedly.

Gaga is a nuclear powerhouse when she renders “Is that alright “ and in “ Look what I found “ and the delicate strains of “ Remember us this way” only proves her meteoritic talent not to mention her skill on the ivories.
I will certainly give Cooper credit for his singing prowess, he does surprise us with his hidden talent. The critics are right, he can tell a story! I loved “ Maybe it’s time”, it really showcases his musical talent.

Loved the cinemaphotography, the live footage from Coachella and Glastonbury and behind the scene takes of concerts. An interesting insight from the stage and backstage add to the authenticity of the movie and the production values are exceptionally good for two novice filmmakers Cooper and Hill. I, for one, can’t wait for Cooper’s next project for he not only has the looks, but he has skill too and we are just seeing the beginning of his full potential.

The movie has its own complex issue of alcoholism, insecurity, jealousy and vulnerability. It tackles how the rise of one’s career affects your relationship and marriage especially when your partner is an alcoholic and cannot hold it together. The contrast between the rising star and waning of a fading musician is not just tragic but also brings out how vulnerable and fragile artistes truly are.

Kudos to both Cooper and Gaga for having the ability to tell us a story through some amazing music, captivating acting, brilliant direction which is both moving and entrancing at the same time and if you are like me, you would probably go watch it for the second time because it is inspirational on so many levels!

My prediction …. This one is an Oscar winner… watch out, Black Panther… You have competition!

Clautilda Arockiam
Author: Clautilda Arockiam
A movie and music buff who believes in happy endings and everything magical.
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