Movie Title: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Director: Bob Persichetti , Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
Cast: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld,Mahershala Ali,John Mulaney,Nicholas Cage
Run Time: 104 min
Year: 2018
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The latest piece of media from the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise comes in the form of this year’s ‘Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse’, an animated feature from Sony Animations. The film does not follow the Spider-Man that you all know and love, and focuses instead on Miles Morale- an Afro-Latino teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider. There are more than plenty of great role models for kids to inf in this movie from Miles being committed to finding his own place in the world, to Peter Parker who commits himself to training Miles and making him a better Spider-Man.

The movie’s story follows a Spider-man that is undoubtedly unfamiliar to audiences. Miles Morales is- like I said before a teenager who unexpectedly gains super-powers from a radioactive spider. Miles is quickly dragged into a mess that sees an inter dimensional portal open that results in some pretty bad things. Without bringing spoilers into the mix, the portal brings in several new ‘Spider-People’, the most important of which is a different, older Peter Parker that has been Spider-Man for too long. Miles and the older Peter quickly develop a relationship as mentor and student. The other Spider-People include Spider-Ham, a pig with spider powers, Spider-man Noir, a darker, grittier Spider-Man from the 1930s, Peni Parker, an anime character with a spider robot and Gwen Stacy an alternate version of Peter Parker’s former flame. The story is full of heart and humour that brings a lot of well-needed creativity and ingenuity to Spider-Man films, especially considering how many times they were rebooted or remade. The relationships and dynamics between characters are what makes this film great and worth watching. Particularly the dynamic between Miles, his father Jefferson Davis and his uncle Aaron Davis. The film doesn't paint either one as a saint or as a villain but instead blurs the line between the two and brings a different level of complexity to the film. There is never a point where the film feels like it's retreading old ground or like it's wasting any time on unnecessary dance sequences.

The excellent visuals help bring the film to life with so much heart and energy. Unlike most animated films, this has a unique art style and animation that takes a lot of inspiration from older comic books that feature Ben-Day dots. These visuals do a brilliant job at keeping viewers interested, absorbing every moment of the film.

The humour and heart of the film is definitely aided by its cast with Shameik Moore’s Miles creating a relatable character with believable relationships and Mahershala Ali’s Aaron Davis. Jake Johnson’s older Peter Parker also does an excellent job at bringing levity to the film. The same goes for John Mulaney’s Spider-Ham, that evokes classic feelings of old Looney Toons shorts and classic cartoons with his voice and character.

To sum it up, this is a great movie for kids and adults to watch and absolutely fantastic for those who love the wall-crawler. Full of heart and inventive humour, this is definitely one you don't wanna miss.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
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