Movie Title: Aquaman
Director: James Wan
Cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe
Run Time: 143 min
Year: 2018
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The long-awaited release of Aquaman left viewers with mix feelings. Aquaman in the comics was not as legendary as the other DC heroes but a movie always gives you more scope and flexibility and unfortunately Warner Brothers did not capitalise on it. The lead character played by Jason Momoa was fabulous eye candy!

Sweet, vulnerable and confused and suffering from an identity crisis. A love child of a lighthouse keeper and Queen Atlanta. A product of a union that should never have been.

It is a very soppy movie without a good plot or depth and comes across as silly in places.

The part human and part Atlantian is a hulky do-gooder on the surface and does not want to take his rightful place as the King of Atlanta. When his younger power hungry step brother Orm, threatens to destroy the surface land, Aquaman is compelled to visit the underwater land of Atlantis and challenge him to ensure there is peace. However, like all movies, it is never that straightforward and there are twists and turns with the brother using sabotage and subterfuge to unite the 7 Kingdoms of the Seas to make him Master of the Ocean.

Throw in some good old fashion magic in the form of the all, the powerful trident of Neptune, and a red-headed princess into the mix and you got yourself a plot for a children’s fairy tale.

The acting is not an award-winning performance.

The CGI is good but then the newer Marvel movies are way ahead of the game. I was reminded so many times of Avatar with the only difference that the setting was underwater.

My only favourite character was the uber cool drumming Octopus.

All in all, DC have really missed out an opportunity to catch up to Marvel. If you want a feel-good movie with a hunky demigod, then Aquaman should cut it for you. But should you want something more, I suggest you give this two and a half hour movie, a skip.

Clautilda Arockiam
Author: Clautilda Arockiam
A movie and music buff who believes in happy endings and everything magical.
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