Movie Title: Sing 2
Director: Gareth Jennings
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson
Run Time: 110 mins
Year: 2021
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The sequel to Illumination's 2016 animated musical feature "Sing" picks up just after the original. With the entrepreneurial koala, Buster Moon running and thriving with his new theatre. With his rag-tag cast they attempt to perform an extravagant space-themed show, while also trying to entice a reclusive rock star back to the stage.

If you're a parent worried about whether or not 'Sing 2' is appropriate- you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. The movie is geared towards young kids but still does it's best to explore more serious messages. Like, dealing with loss and grief as well as overcoming your own fears, they're presented in easily digestible ways that will make it palatable enough for children to begin developing more of an understanding of these topics.

Younger audiences will be sure to find a wide array of role models to learn from in this movie's absurdly large cast. For example, you've got the elephant Meena, who starts off the movie as very timid and shy but begins to come out of her shell overcoming her personal fears about social interaction. Or perhaps the gorilla, Johnny, who stands up for himself against a mean and abrasive dance teacher, proving himself beyond his teacher's expectations. Maybe even the reclusive rock star Clay Calloway who makes his return to the stage and rediscovers his passion for music after beginning to healthily process his grief over his late wife.

Despite all that, this movie is not much more than its predecessor. Just like the one before it, 'Sing 2' is likely to come and go without any fanfare and painfully lukewarm reception. For starters, the movie feels like it's simply recycled plot points from the original, neglecting to develop any of the characters in any meaningful way, and actually often undoing whatever development they underwent during the first movie. Truthfully, the movie is little more than an hour and a half long music video filled with a few hits from days gone by. Younger audiences may also have issues with following the various plot points that are at play with the large cast of characters, with none of them really lending themselves to be more impactful or important than the other. To put it lightly, this really just makes the movie feel scattered. Unfortunately, this also keeps any of the positive messages that the movie is trying to preach from being as effective as they could be, with much of it likely to fall by the wayside. Regardless of that, the movie has great animation and colours that will be enticing enough to a young child, but that, in combination with its late 80s to early 2000s soundtrack makes this movie feel like little more than a glorified music video.

'Sing 2' is a fun animated musical movie, albeit one with a plot that is far from interesting and engaging enough to really be worth watching. This movie works as a way to kill some time on a weekend afternoon, not much more can sum up it's purpose beyond that.

Nirek Panditha
Author: Nirek Panditha
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