Movie Title: Minions : The Rise of Gru
Director: Kyle Balda, Jonathan Del Val, Brad Ableson
Cast: Steve Carrell, Pierce Boffin, Alan Arkin
Run Time: 87 mins
Year: 2022
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Minions : Rise of Gru is another extension of the Despicable Me franchise, first released in 2010. This is actually the backtsory of Gru -  featuring a 12 year old and his rise to super villain status.  So it's a prequel to the Despicable Me movies but a sequal to the Minions movie.  If you know what I mean. 

The cast of the main characters remains the same with Steve Carell as Gru and Pierra Coffin as ALL the minions. But this movie includes other big names voicing new characters, including Julie Andrews, Michelle Yeoh, Russell Brand, Dolph Lundgren to name but a few. 

The movie is based in the 1970's (side note -  the soundtrack is amazing) when Gru is actually trying to become evil enough to join the supervillain, superroup Vicious 6. As with all Despicable Me movies the film is full of plans gone wrong, pranks that backfire and minions running around trying to help but falling all over themselves. 

The yellow, pill shaped animations have spewed a million memes and many older kids will recognise the Minions primarily through this meme culture. However the essential element of silliness and goofiness and clumsiness that goes with being a well meaniing ( as well meaning as one can be when following a bad guy) banana coloured and banae loving soft toy-look a like is still very much there and younger kids will really enjoy this movie. 

As an adult there isn't much non silliness to laugh at but there are a lot of nostalgic references to pick up on. Also it's a short movie so you won't have long to suffer through if you're not inti slap stick!  And who know you might end up laughing more than your kid! 


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