Movie Title: Thor - Love and Thunder
Director: Taika Waititi
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman
Run Time: 1h 59m
Year: 2022
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Yeah so I finally got around to watching it. And I just want to tell you it's such a disappointingly, silly, silly movie. Before I watched it, a friend described it as a "Spiderman" type of silly, fun movie. But it was worse, much, much worse than that. It picks up where Endgame ended for Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy drop him off with Korg when Thor needs to stop off to help a friend as there are so many distress calls from the galaxy.

And then it kind of spirals. Natali Portman (Dr Jane Foster), his old love interest returns as 'Mighty Thor', with a newly put together Mjolnir. And they get together with Brunnhilde to fight Gore the God Butcher comes to Asgard and kidnaps a whole lot of kids to bait Thor -  and I can't explain more without spoliers. Except that there was very little chemistry between Portman and Hemsworth and one never really got invested in the love affair.  

But let me tell you about GORR. Gorr is played by Christian Bale, and I personally think he was absolutely fantastic -  scary and strong and you have mixed feelings about him right through. Like Thanos maybe.  So you might want to watch out if you're planning to take younger kids as it does get a bit frightening at times. Commonsense media rates it 12+ and I would agree. He messes with children and it might be distressing for younger kids.  There are a few very compelling scenes where the cinematography just takes your breath away but they are few and far between and don't make up for the lack of character development / storyline.

I have to say I can't tell you much about the battles as all the battles were accompanied by Guns n Roses songs. And since that's one of my favourite bands I was really, very distracted. Also I missed Loki. Without Loki, Thor really is just a dumb, kind hearted hulk. 

It's a star studded cast with Russell Crowe as Zeus and lots of cameos by Matt Damon, Sam Neill, Melissa McCarthy, Taika Waititi among others.  Critics have compared it withThor Ragnorak and said the 2 movies serve different purposes in the MCU and Love and Thunder just didn't cut it for people who loved Ragnarok. Ragnorok had a mission to bring Thor back big time and Love and Thunder didn't -  just a fun movie. Both were directed by Taika Waititi and I believe Waititi tried to bring different energies to it. In fact Hemsworth himself in a recent interview said he felt the pull of Thor for MCU fans was waning. Thor is the only character in the MCU to land 4 solo movies. 

So I know, I said, watch it, there's Chris Hemsworth - reason enough to watch. But after watching it for myself, my recommendation is don't waste your time. Rise of Gru was more fun. 

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