Movie Title: Ticket to Paradise
Director: Ol Parker
Cast: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Sean Lynch
Run Time: 1h 44m
Year: 2022
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Fun movie. Undeniable chemistry, as always, between Clooney and Roberts who play a divorced, always irritated with each other, couple who are flying to Bali to stop their daughter from getting married.  On a side note, the daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever (up and coming) basically just invites her parents to her wedding in Bali. Her "finacee" played by Maxime Bouttier and her friend played by Billy Lourd (up and coming)  both boost this star filled cast. 

The film is shot ostensibly in Bali (but actually in Australia) and is absolutely gorgeous-  it's a travelogue, a Lonely Planet sell on Bali and that is one of the advantages of watching this on the big screen. However the rest of the movie ie the story itself is a bit of a waste of a great cast. It doesn't quite fall flat- there are redeeming scenes and also the stars as it were are such that nothing they could do, would fall flat. But not really a movie I would watch in theatres again. More a movie to stream or wait till HBO shows it and watch while folding laundry. 

I will add though that I really want to age like Roberts and/ or Clooney  sigh. Such graceful people. 

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